Town of Montville
Town of Montville
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Labor & Business

Southeastern Connecticut’s labor force is well trained, hardworking and productive.  It has the nation’s greatest concentration of well-educated, highly skilled scientific and technical workers in fields as varied as biotechnology and marine research.  The proximity to outstanding colleges of Connecticut and New England, including the University of Connecticut, Connecticut College, Yale, Rennselaer Polytechnic Institute, Coast Guard Academy, University of New Haven and others, helps to maintain a highly skilled labor pool. For detailed information on Montville demographics compiled by CERC visit the 2012 Montville Profile

A positive business attitude in Montville is supported by staff ready to assist with questions regarding available inventory of land or buildings in the community, the permit process, state programs, available training or other needs of businesses looking to locate in Montville.  The Chamber of Commerce of Eastern Connecticut and the State Economic Development Resources are available to all those interested.

The Montville Economic Development Commission, and the Chamber of Commerce, Eastern Connecticut, present an annual Showcase of Businesses in the spring to benefit all Montville businesses.