Town of Montville
Town of Montville
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Town Charter, Code of the Town of Montville, Code of Ethics, Proposed & Adopted Ordinances

The Code of the Town of Montville includes the Town's Charter and all Ordinances.
Information is updated regularly to include new and amended ordinances. 

Proposed and Adopted Ordinances by Year
2016 Proposed Adopted
2015 Proposed Adopted
2014 Proposed Adopted
2013 Proposed Adopted
2012  Proposed Adopted
 2011 Proposed  Adopted
2010 Proposed Adopted
2009 Proposed Adopted
2008 Proposed Adopted


Below is an electronic version of the Montville Town Charter only. It is scanned and may not be an exact copy of the original.  Official copies of the Charter are available at the Town Clerk's office.

Montville Town Charter
Montville Code of Ethics