Montville, CT

Montville Affordable Housing Plan Survey

Montville Affordable Housing Plan Survey

The Town of Montville’s Planning and Zoning Commission is reaching out to residents through an online survey located here, for input on an Affordable Housing Plan. As part of legislation passed in 2017, every municipality in Connecticut must adopt a five-year Affordable Housing Plan by June 1, 2022 that specifies how the municipality will address housing needs in their communities.

“Affordable housing” means housing for which families pay 30% or less of their income, for families that make 80% or less of the area median income. For the Town of Montville and other towns in southeastern Connecticut, a single person making less than $52,000 a year or a family of four making less than $80,000 a year would qualify. Amid ripple effects from COVID-19, single family median home sale prices in the Town of Montville have jumped from $217,250 in 2019 to $262,000 in 2021, a 21% increase since the start of the pandemic, according to the Eastern Connecticut Association of REALTORS®, making housing affordability and supply a pressing challenge in the region.

The survey asks residents for their thoughts on town demographics, their vision for the future of their community, and if they have had any hardships paying their rent or mortgage, especially due to COVID-19. These responses will inform the housing priorities and recommendations for the next five years, with the Planning and Zoning Commission holding additional outreach this spring before final plan adoption. The Affordable Housing Survey is available here.

For further information, please contact Montville Planning Director Liz Burdick using this link, or consultant Carly Holzschuh of the Southeastern Connecticut Council of Governments at