Montville, CT

Montville Begins 2021 Revaluation

Montville Begins Revaluation for the October 1, 2021 Grand List

In accordance with Connecticut State Statute, the Town of Montville has begun its next town wide real property revaluation for the October 1, 2021 Grand List. Revaluation is the process to determine the accurate and equitable values of all properties in Town so that the property tax is fairly distributed. The certified revaluation company, eQuality Valuation Services, LLC of Waterbury Connecticut, has been contracted to assist the Assessor in conducting the revaluation.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this revaluation will be conducted in a slightly different manner than it has in the past.

Under the Assessor’s supervision, eQuality will collect and analyze information about all properties. An aerial flyover of the Town has been conducted. Information from the flyover will be compared to the Town’s existing building sketches. Discrepancies between the two will require a home inspection. Properties with permits for home improvements or new construction will be inspected as needed. All company inspectors will be registered with the Assessor’s Office and the Montville Police Dept. Residents are encouraged to contact either office should they have any concerns.

All residential property owners will receive a data mailer in the spring of 2021. The form will contain all pertinent information about the dwelling or condominium. The town encourages each owner to review the data mailer and make corrections as needed according to the directions. Property owner participation in reviewing their property data is essential for this critical process to ensure the accuracy of property data.

For all properties that have been transferred during the course of the revaluation, the new owner will receive a sales verification form. The form should be reviewed, answered and returned. No interior inspection will be needed unless significant discrepancies are found.

Commercial and Industrial properties will be receiving income and expense forms that will assist the Assessor and the revaluation company in determining the fair market value. The forms will be mailed in the spring with a return date of June 1, 2021. Failure to return the form will result in penalties as required by law.

Anyone with questions about any aspect of the revaluation at any time during the entire process may contact the Assessor, Lucy Beit, at or call 860-848-6774. Email is the preferred method of contact.