Montville, CT


Why Montville Is Considering SMART Trash?

● It is a fairer way to pay for trash collection
 ○ Currently all taxpayers in Montville are covering 81% of the cost of managing trash disposed at the transfer station at a cost of approximately $477,000 per year
 ○ Taxpayers that pay a private hauler for trash collection are paying the same for the transfer station as taxpayers that use the transfer station regularly
 ○ SMART will preserve transfer station access for all residents while shifting more of the cost more fairly to those residents use the transfer station the most and based on the volume of trash disposed

● It will reduce solid waste by 45%, increase recycling and is the single greatest step the town can take to reduce its global carbon impact

● The status quo is no longer an option because the cost of trash disposal is increasing
 ○ Connecticut waste incinerators are rapidly running out of capacity which means an increasing amount of MSW will need to be shipped out state at higher cost – disposal costs could jump by 50% or more

Smart Trash Flyer