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Hidden Heroes

  • You are a military caregiver if you support a service member or veteran in any of the following ways:
  • Manage medication
  • Provide emotional and physical support
  • Assist with the activities of daily living
  • Advocate for proper treatment
  • Log in to with code Montville17 to find a directory of resources and communicate with other caregivers nationwide

You Fought For Our Homes – We'll Fight For Yours

If You Are In Danger Of Losing Your Home Or Are Homeless, call 1-877-424-3838 or go to

Cell Phones for Soldiers: Recycle your old cell phone through this program to provide calling cards for our troops to stay connected to their families.

 The Connecticut Military Support Program (MSP)

Connecticut Military Support Program For Military Veterans and Families

Help Is A Phone Call Away. Free And Confidential Counseling 24/7 Assistance. Call 1-866-251-2913 or visit The Connecticut Military Support Program.