Montville, CT

Public Works

Public Works

John Carlson Public Works Director

Shelly Seals Administrative Assistant

Montville Public Works
225 Maple Avenue
Uncasville, CT 06382

Office Hours

7:30 am - 4:00 pm Monday-Friday
Tel: (860) 848.7473
Fax: (860) 848.7393

Contact This Department

Call or email this department for concerns including: 

  • Downed or missing street sign
  • Curbing torn up
  • Brush blocking sightline
  • Pothole
  • Dead tree in the right-of-way
  • Streetlight out

The Public Works Department supervises and controls the maintenance of town-owned properties and parks. It is responsible for the sweeping of the roads, brush cutting the side of roads, preservation, care and removal of trees within highways or public places, cleaning of catch basins, road sweeping, paving, road side drainage, solid waste disposal of both regular household and bulky waste, and recycling.

Public Works Services:

Recycling: It's the Law!  Each residence is provided with a recycling container which are available at the Transfer Station. Lost, stolen, broken or missing containers are available at the Public Works Department. Any plastic container (with the exception of plastic bags) can be used as long as it is labeled for recyclables. Contact Public Works for a list of what is collected, preparation instructions, and on which day your collection falls.

You can also visit Recycle CT for more information

Household Items - Re-Use Program:  A community project that benefits local non-profit groups. Re-Use Program Calendar.

Hazardous Household Waste Disposal: The Town participates in a regional collection program.  Hazardous Waste materials include, but shall not be limited to, explosives, pathogenic or pathological wastes, radioactive wastes, lead and oil based paints, cleaning fluids, acids, poisons, medicines and other chemical wastes which by virtue of their chemistry and/or the method of their disposal present a threat to the quality of ground or surface waters. Call 848-7473 for more information.

Bulky Waste - Punch Card System: In order to contain the increasing costs of waste disposal, The Town has a "punch card" program where residents may take their bulky waste items to the Town's Transfer Station anytime during normal operating hours (8 – 4 Wednesday & Thursday, 8 – 3 Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the Transfer Station) and dispose of a certain number of these items at no cost upon presentation of a "punch card." The punch card is free and can be picked up at the Transfer Station upon proof of residency in the Town of Montville.

Summer Work Program: Contact Public Works for details.

Annual Curbside Collections: Collecting of Leaves and Christmas Trees.

Permits processed by this department include:

  • Driveway Permits - $50 (Resolution 2024-20 Adopted 4/8/2024)
  • Road Construction Permits - $20 plus a Certificate of Insurance of one million dollars and a Road Bond of ten thousand dollars. (Ordinance O-C-4 Adopted 4/11/1994)
  • Transfer Station Annual Permits for Disposal of Household Waste
    Purchased July 1st - December 31st - $120 (*Seniors $75)
    Purchased January 1st - June 30th - $60 (*Seniors $37.50)
    Purchased at the Public Works Department - 225 Maple Ave 7:30am - 4pm
    Transfer Station Hours - 8am – 4pm Wednesday & Thursday, 8am – 3pm Friday, Saturday and Sunday
* Senior rate is 60+ yrs old