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Youth Advisory Board

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Montville Community Center 
Montvile Youth Advisory Board 
836 Old Colchester Rd
Oakdale, CT 06370

Members are appointed to serve for a 2-year term.
The Board shall consist of not less than nine (9) members appointed by the Town Council.  Appointees shall include:
 -at least one (1) member currently under twenty-one (21) years of age;
 -one (1) representative of the school system;
 -one (1) representative of the police department or constabulary force;
 -one (1) representative from a a private youth serving agency;
 -one-third of the total membership of the Board shall consist of individuals who receive less than 50% of his/her wages or livelihood by delivering services to youths and their families, who manifest an interest in youth services.

To view enacting legislation and duties charged go to The Code of the Town of Montville  and enter keyword "youth" under Search Request


Name Party

Term Expires

Daniel R. Dunn, Chairperson U  12/22/20
Timothy Shanahan, Vice Chairperson D  12/14/20
Vacant (Police Dept Liaison)    
Daniel Boisvert (BOE Liaison)  R  
Caitlyn Withey (Student Liaison)    
William Carlos Jr D  04/14/20
Brianne Messer U  04/14/20
Susan Rickards U  11/08/20
Bethany Caron U  08/10/20
Sheelagh Lapinski R  12/10/20
Vouise Fonville (DCF Liaison)    


Town Council liaison: Joe Rogulski

Board of Education Liaison:  Robert R. Mitchell Jr. 

Duties of the Youth Advisory Board include:

1) Advise and make recommendations to the Bureau on overall policy and program direction of the Bureau;

2) Evaluate, plan, coordinate and implement prevention and treatment services for delinquent, pre-delinquent, and troubled youths;

3) Provide opportunities for youth to develop positively and to function as responsible members of the community.