Montville, CT

Blind Individuals

The State of Connecticut provides for a property tax exemption in the amount of $3,000 to Blind Persons. In order to qualify, a person must, as of October 1st:

  • Be a Connecticut Resident;
  • Be either the record owner of, or hold life use in or be the beneficiary of a trust estate with respect to the property on which the exemption will be applied. In the case of a married couple, either the husband or wife may own, hold life use in or be the beneficiary of a trust with respect to the property for which an exemption is claimed. The married couple must be domiciled together.
  • Make application to the Assessor along with proof of blindness (typically a Certificate of Legal Blindness from the State Board of Education and Services for the Blind) by January 31st. C.G.S. 12-92 contains the definition of legal blindness.

The Town of Montville offers an additional $2,000 exemption to Blind Individuals who meet the qualifications listed above and who also meet income limits set by the State of Connecticut, Office of Policy and Management. The application for the additional exemption must be filled out and returned between February 1st and October 1st along with all income information from the previous calendar year for proof of claim.