Montville, CT

Totally Disabled Tax Exemption

A property tax exemption in the amount of $1,000 off the assessed value of property owned is available to individuals who are permanently and totally disabled. Individuals must:

  • Be a Connecticut Resident;

  • Be either the record owner of, hold life use in or be the beneficiary of a trust estate with respect to the property on which the exemption will be applied. In the case of married couple who share the same domicile, either the husband or the wife may own, hold life use in or be the beneficiary of a trust estate;

  • Be receiving permanent total disability payments from one of the following:
    1. The Social Security Administration; or
    2. A federal, state or local government retirement or disability plan (including that provided by the Railroad Retirement Act) or any government related teacher's retirement plan, containing qualification requirements comparable to those of the S.S.A.
  • Have filed an application and provided proof of total disability to the Assessor by January 31st.