Montville, CT

Town Clerk

Are fishing licenses required for fishing at any public location within the town borders?

Yes, you are required to have a fishing license when you fish at any location that is maintained by the town. Fishing licenses can be obtained from the Town Clerk’s Office.

What do I need to do to get a marriage license?

If you are planning to marry, you and your spouse-to-be must appear in person at the Town Clerk’s office of the town where the marriage is to take place. You will need to provide identification and make a sworn statement that the information that you provide is true. You no longer need to have a blood test to obtain a marriage license in Connecticut. The cost of the marriage license is $50 (check or cash) and the license is valid for 65 days from the date of application.

Once the marriage ceremony takes place, the marriage officiator will submit the license to the town clerk of the town where the marriage took place. The Town Clerk will then register the license and place it on file for permanent record. A certified copy costs $20.

Do I need a dog license and what do I do to obtain one?

All dogs six months or over must be licensed and wear a collar and tag at all times. All dogs must be vaccinated against rabies and owners must submit a certificate to the Town Clerk when licensing their dog. When a spayed or neutered dog is licensed for the first time, a certificate from a licensed veterinarian must be present. The fee for a neutered/spayed dog is $8 and the fee for a male/female is $19. If the dog owner moves to another Connecticut town they are required to license their dog in the new town and the fee is $1. If a dog owner loses the tag the fee is 50 cents to replace.

What is the real estate conveyance tax for Montville?

Connecticut law requires a person who sells real property for $2,000 or more to pay a real estate conveyance tax when he conveys the property to the buyer. The tax has two parts: a state tax and a municipal tax. The state tax rate is 0.75% of the sale price, depending on the type of property and how much it sells for, and the town tax rate is 0.25% of the sale price. The seller pays the tax when he conveys the property.