Montville, CT

Land Records, Vital Statistics

The following records and certificates are archived with the Montville Town Clerk's office:

  • Land transactions
  • Maps, site plans and surveys
  • Files and maintains notices, agendas and minutes
  • Contracts and agreements
  • Vital statistics including:  births, marriages, name changes, adoptions, deaths, burials and liquor licenses
  • Trade name registrations
  • Veterans discharge certificates

Copies of all records, certificates and licenses on file with the Town of Montville are available through the Town Clerk's office for fees as established by the State of Connecticut.

Request For a Certified Copy of a Birth Record
Request For a Certified Copy of a Marriage Record
Request For a Certified Copy of a Death Record

Land Records Index Search is available online.

Electronic Document Recording Services 

The Town of Montville is electronically recording (eRecording) land records. Documents that originate on paper, such as loan closing documents, are scanned and placed into their proper recording order. When fully integrated, the electronic document recording process takes only seconds. 

Advantages of eRecording with the Town of Montville: 

  • Reduced labor, materials, postage and courier costs
  • Shortened time gap to recordation
  • Fewer document errors and rejections
  • Elimination of payment errors on recording fees
  • Increased security when sending and receiving documents
  • Improved tracking and filing of documents
  • Reduced consumption of fuel, electricity, and paper 

How to get started

The Town of Montville accepts documents from:
- Corporation Service Company (CSC) eRecording Solutions at
- eRecording Partners Network (EPN) at
- Simplifile at
- Indecomm Global Services at

Please contact our vendor to get started. A PC, scanner, and Internet connection are all you need to begin eRecording today.